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"Hi! I'm Rubén Sardón, an adept problem solver craving for a spot in the video game industry. I'm a full-on Bartle explorer aiming to discover as many workflows and pipelines as I possibly can. Although I enjoy submerging myself into new paradigms, my field of expertise revolts around C++, engines and graphics."

[ Work Experiece ]

Freelance Unity Programmer

2022 - Present


Worked on two gymkhana-type apps made with Unity that used geolocation data to make players explore their surroundings whilst facing a range of mini-games spread throughout. Check out my projects' page to learn more about them.

Task Breakdown

  • Estimating, composing and presenting modular budgets.
  • Removing dependencies from previously used external assets.
  • Enhancing acquisition of geolocation information for increased reliability.
  • Implementing new minigames based on supplied sketches.
  • Designing and implementing:
  • Merged layouts supporting both deployments on a single Unity project.
  • Scalable database for:
  • Modifying game content without having to install new versions.
  • Saving and comparing playthroughs (rankings).
  • KPI analysis automation.
  • New and different game modes.
  • User interface animations.
  • Testing panels and tools.
  • Minigames’ abstraction optimizing future implementations.
  • [ Academics ]


    Videogame Design & Development Degree

    Centre de la Imatge i la Tecnologia Multimèdia

    In college, I studied the entire process behind building a video game. I learned to design, plan, code, test, analyze, monetize and publish games; complemented with an acute understanding of distinct fields such as audio, physics, accessibility, user experience and player psychology. However, the most valuable lesson remains that in this industry knowledge alone cannot thrive without proper teamwork and communication.
    USA flagEnglish
    Spanish flagSpanish
    Catalan flagCatalan

    [ Technical Skills ]

    Programming Languages

    C++ C C# Python JavaScript


    Unity Unreal RedEye


    Github Bitbucket

    Data Analysis

    Tableau SQL Excel


    Hacknplan Trello


    Photoshop Paint


    Maya Houdini


    HTML CSS Bootstrap jQuery WebGL


    SDL OpenGL Qt ImGui WWise DevIL http://openil.sourceforge.net/ Bullet Box2D Optick https://www.optickprofiler.com/

    [ Personal Interests ]


    Ski Rugby DnD

    Most Influential Games

    Path of Exile